New Music Playist – February 2016

Curated playlists are ever so trendy, it’s a chance for those of us who have access to share the music you may not have time in your busy life to keep up with or find. So here is one that is all new music. Scroll down for notes on each song. Radio usually plays the safest, most conservative track on the album. Good songs but there’s more to our genre than that, and these musicians shine when they color outside the lines. The goal is obvious. Listen to the songs, click on the albums, listen to them then make them your own. Buy them. There is not a single album represented here that isn’t full of strong songs. Support the the people who created the music. The first step is discovery, then sharing and owning, and sharing some more. You will need a Spotify account. More about that here.

Jazmin Ghent – Boss :  The winner of the 2014 Smooth Jazz Cruise Show Your Talent competition is a rising star who isn’t afraid to take some risks and play with power. She is taking it slow – releasing three strong tracks while she works on more.

Peter White – Don Quixote’s Final Quest: From Smile. I love it when PW goes flamenco – this is 3 1/2 minutes of fun from an album whose title says it all.
Althea Rene – Number One (Live): Like most artists her live shows are the best way to experience the music. From her new one, Live In Detroit, it’s everything you expect from the opening song of a hot performance.
Vincent Ingala – T.L.C.: From Can’t Stop Now. I picked this one because I love this old soul/old school Philly Soul orchestration that flips into a fade straight out of the cool jazz side of the 70’s

Nelson Rangell – Point of Departure: Red  Rangell released two separate CDs, Red and Blue on Feb 1st. This track has all the elements that make his music so wonderful and accessible. Melody, musicianship, and a feeling that just embraces you.

Nelson Rangell – Ao Mar: Blue Rangell’s other release features originals and new takes on an eclectic group of songs on flute and piccolo. Mellow and gorgeously textural.

David Sanborn – A La Verticale: Time And The River Taking off from an afro-Cuban percussion groove this song soars. His sax tone is  reminiscent of the classic CJazz releases on the Impulse label in the 70s and the melody by French songwriter/singer Alice Soyer. Guitar solo at the end is to die for.

Stanley Jordan and Novcento – Too Close to The Sun: Dreams of Peace
Randy Scott – Jade Mountain: Serenity This song lives up to the album’s title. A hypnotic arrangement spiced up with string synths.
Jason Miles and Ingrid Jensen – Super City: Kind of New  From the mountain to the edge. Forward thinking producer/writer/arranger/keyboardist Miles and trumpeter Jensen have indeed created something kind of new, funky, and edgy cool. He played with the Miles. That says it all.

Will Donato – Grand Slam
Randy Scott – Jade Mountain