Hidden Gems – A Summer Playlist


There are some great songs you might be missing if you listen to traditional smooth jazz formats on the air or online because they only play the single. Smooth Jazz is still seen as a background music easy listening format so the song that is often picked to showcase is one of the more mellow, unobtrusive songs from the album, or a song that sounds like a lot of other songs that are already getting airplay because the influencers are more likely to play songs that “sound familiar.”  Meanwhile there is a dazzling universe of songs that are creative, exciting, and unique that you may miss if you are a busy human and don’t have time to listen to everything and create playlists. So we have done the work for you…deeper album tracks and songs that have been lurking at the bottom of the airplay charts but are too fabulous to miss. Enjoy! And support these artists. when you hear something that lights you up go exploring, listen to more from that artist and support them by buying their music.

Beautiful sunset photo on feature page is from Tina Pruitt: I See Music Photography