How to stream The Stream

Shifting from traditional radio to streaming can be a little bit uncomfortable. Most good things are in the beginning. The rewards are big though because you are able to hear so much music that traditional radio and even satellite radio are not playing because of the conservative music policies in place at the large organizations. Think of all the technology you use today that was scary and weird in the beginning and is part of your everyday life now. That’s what this is. Pop, Rock and HipHop music fans have made the transition to online listening. Jazz fans are catching up ’cause you get to hear so much more of the music you are into. There are a zillion listening apps out there. Live365 is actually the easiest one to navigate after you get there and locate the station you want to listen to for the first time. The previously played widget below shows you what you will hear. All you really have to do to get started is click here.

Streaming 101: How to stream The Stream on your desktop, laptop, phone, tablet and Alexa

Desktop and Laptop: just go to the station page. You can listen via your computer or bluetooth speakers.
you can also stream from the website on your android and IOS devices but the app will make things easier.

Android and IOS App: go to play store or app store and download the Live365 app.
————————————–When you open it just search “The Stream Smooth Jazz”
————————————–Open The Stream and click on the favorite button. Then it will
————————————–automatically show on your screen when you open your app.
————————————–Remember to hit the stop play button and exit the app when you
————————————–are not listening
Alexa: Sign into your Amazon account and enable the Live365 Skill.
————————You can also open your Alexa app or smart speaker and say “Alexa Enable Live
————————three sixty five skill” Then just say “Alexa play The Stream from Live 365”
————————(Three sixty five) when asked. After that when you ask to play Live365 it will
————————automatically take you to the last station you listened to. Which
————————of course would be The Stream

Click here to enable Alexa’s Live 365 skill
Here’s what we are playing right now. Jump in!