Jeff Golub loses eyesight – send prayers and love

Guitar hero Jeff Golub has lost his eyesight. The news began to spread this evening (7/6) when Rick Braun posted this on FaceBook “As you may know my dear friend Jeff Golub has lost his eye sight. He has been to the best doctors in NY and they are unable to do anything at this time. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he goes through the challenge of relearning how to live. Love you Jeff and sending you strength and love every minute of the day!!!!!

Golub wrote about this on his website on July 1 and explains it eloquently
He ends it this way: ” OK, not what I wished for, but I hopped in a van last night with Henry, Josh & Andy and played a gig in PA. Was it scary? YES!!!! Was it fun? A BLAST!!!! I have proven to myself three days into “my new life” that I can go out and do what I do…play guitar. And even stranger, getting to spend all this time with Henry Butler who can give me the inside track on how the heck one navigates life with severely impaired vision…Just wanted to let you all know what is going on with me. I may need a bit of time to adjust, but God willing, I have every intention of playing guitar forever and a day.

Bud Harner, his manager, long time collaborator and Co-producer, commented on FaceBook that Jeff is “staying positive, still totally able to play and is planning on getting out there and playing his gigs. Just figuring out a new way to deal with pretty much everything.”

I am holding him and his family in my prayers and sending love and positive energy as he navigates this challenge and know as you read this you will to. He will continue to rock our worlds. No Two Ways About It !