Al Jarreau Update

Grammy winning singer Al Jarreau cancelled a concert on Sunday 5/20, due to an illness, which turned out to be a bout of pneumonia. This gave his fans quite a scare because we remember back in 2010 when he had to cancel shows due to illness. Naturally, his fans are concerned for his well being.

Al Jarreau’s website gives the following statement: “Mr. Jarreau believes his illness and fatigue resulted from a very busy week on tour, which included four concerts in Austria.”

I took a look at his tour schedule. He’s got a full schedule, bouncing around from one European country to another, at least through the summer. As much time as our musicians spend in airports and on planes, it’s a wonder more of them aren’t sick. So rest up Mr. Jarreau! We need you happy and healthy and doing what you do best – singing songs the way only you can. Get well soon!