George Benson’s new album – you can be a part of it

George Benson’s new project is a tribute to Nat King Cole that will feature a 42 piece orchestra in association with Concord Records and fans are being given the opportunity to get involved. In a recent update sent to fans on his mailing list he said:

“Since this is a very unique and special project to me and I am blessed by many good friends who have supported me along the way, I wanted to give my fans a chance to take part in something unique and special, too. So, instead of the traditional ‘making of’ DVD or a few extra bonus tracks, Concord Records and I have teamed up with PledgeMusic to give you an opportunity to participate in some exclusive offers only available here.”

A pre-purchase of the digital album (album download) for $10 will give fans access to behind the scenes updates while the album is being created including exclusive videos. Benson is also offering autographed copies of CDs and Vinyl Albums, a chance to get your name in the liner notes, opportunities for a Skype chat and autographed guitars and amplifiers for donations at various levels. Several offers have already sold out, including a guitar lesson with Benson via Skype. A portion of the proceeds will also be donated to victims of hurricane Sandy through the Music Cares organization.  To become a part of it visit  Benson’s PledgeMusic page .

As record company budgets have faced a major belt-tightening a  lot of musicians are using this type of funding, called “crowdfunding,” to finance some or all of their project,  filmmakers, theatrical productions, writers and all types of entrepreneurs are using this process to raise funds. Contributors are not charged until the artist gets pledges of 100% of what is needed to complete the project so it is important not just to support these endeavors, but to do it in a timely manner so the project can be funded and launched.  This is the wave of the future for the music business. You can learn more about it via our December Perspectives editorial.