Ken Navarro’s new CD available online now

RubyLanecoversalepage Ruby Lane  is Navarro’s 21st album and as  always he is ahead of the curve when it comes to  promoting and marketing his work by creating a  connection with fans both musically and  personally. The album is available digitally via his  website over a month before the April 15th release  date. There is a video preview that features lengthy clips  accompanied by a brief written commentary on the inspiration for each song.

Navarro has also produced four podcasts that take you behind the scenes as he shares how he composes, produces, and records the music. The music is breathtaking and covers a wide range of styles from progressive to smooth that include a the beautiful complexity of layered guitar parts, and string quartet accompaniment.

You can order the CD or digital download on Navarro’s website: .  The video and podcast series are also available on Navarro’s website or you can directly access the video on YouTube or hear the podcasts here .